Often, in this world in which pragmatism and materialism hold sway, human minds meet without even touching, as if the other one's path didn't even exist. They move about according to the lines of a script that has neither horizon, nor celestial vault.


In the vastness of the Universe, however, time is the infinite movement, the vital rhythm, transcendent intelligence and immortal beat.


Human beings are not the masters of time. The world they have set up runs at a rate that is dissonant in relation to the actual astral rhythm it is subject to as a natural substance. The hour, the minute and the second are mere social conventions. They serve to control our availability as human beings, they let us evaluate our freedom, they are synonymous with the price we have to pay. They are a unit of defined and finite values, a slice of life to be consumed on a backdrop of complex terrestrial exchanges.


The heavenly bodies, on the other hand, move in perpetual circles and infinite ellipses that embody the essence of nature, its vast amplitude, its perfection and its profound mystery. They move up close and then away again, find an equilibrium in a kind of permanent revolution around their axes and in their own orbit. They show themselves in all their myriad aspects, light up and then darken again, are born and die. At times, they seek adventure on the foggy paths of the galactic prairies, without any goal, like spatial nomads.


The architect's watch Astar, by Rino Brodbeck, a product of outstanding Swiss manufacturing, comes in a limited series. It speaks to both connoisseurs of horological excellence as well as people fascinated by architectural esthetics.


The model, introduced first in 2014, is in fact the result of a long conceptual process.


In the early 1950s, Rino Brodbeck was working at a firm of architects, when a friend asked him if he could design a wristwatch.


The budding architect started thinking about the passage of time, while imagining a watch governed by the cosmic universe and respecting all the rules that make sense in architecture.


Rino Brodbeck, the watchmaker of the cosmos, found inspiration in his philosophy of work, in rigor and in creating spaces where the soul feels at ease. This clear vision of his architectural opus also animates his horological passion.


Architecture, after all, consists in transforming a program, functionalities and countless guidelines into three coherent and practical dimensions, where space, matter and light are arranged to create the best conditions for humans to flourish in the spirit of time.


Besides pursuing watchmaking, this apostle of minimalist lines and heavenly bodies creates tableaux. He is not a figurative painter, his works aim visibly to structure matter, lines, forms and colors. He also makes furniture.


According to Rino Brodbeck, who seeks the essence and the quintessence, depth and coherence are the key terms of esthetics.


And so the Astar number 11, the watch made by Rino Brodbeck, has found a place in the inventory of Geneva's Museum of Watchmaking, the Musée d'Horlogerie de Genève.

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